Welcome Employers
Connect2Careers is a way to ensure this region’s young people are prepared to meet the needs of employers and then match appropriate candidates to available positions. With the support of City of Portland, Multnomah and Washington County, as well as civic and business leaders in the community, Connect2Careers establishes a platform for employers to access young, diverse local talent and help them build their essential workplace skills to succeed in the modern economy.

Our FREE matching system uses a defined algorithm to compare your posted positions’ needed experience, education level, industry and skills to those job seekers that have completed Work Readiness Training. For each job seeker matched to the position, a weighted “match score” is generated. As a result, employers can review matched profiles by score BEFORE candidates apply for positions, further accelerating your hiring process and allowing employers to offer interviews without waiting for incoming applications.

Strong Hiring Metrics (2018)
  • 28.3% of C2C Job Seekers who submitted an application received an interview, and 15.0% received an offer.
  • 53.1% of those interviewed received a job offer
Find Job Seekers in Four Simple Steps
If your company is looking for a new and innovative way to find diverse and qualified young talent to fill your entry level positions, then Connect2Careers is a great tool for your business. Your participation will create meaningful career pathways, and cultivate a diverse, homegrown talent pipeline to support local businesses and promote equitable economic growth.

Step 1: Complete an Interest Form
Submit a short form with your basic business and contact information. Our Connect2Careers Business Specialist will respond within 3 business days to better understand your hiring needs and approve positions aligned with the goals of the program. Following approval, you will receive an email link inviting you to create your employer account in our job matching tool, LaunchPath.
Interest Form Step 2: Register for an Employer Account in LaunchPath
Step 3: Post Positions
Step 4: Extend Interviews & Offers
Frequently Asked Questions
  As a Connect2Careers employer, how many job placements am I expected to make?
  Who qualifies as a job seeker in this program?
  What happens if my organization doesn’t hire anyone through Connect2Careers after my organization signs up?
  What happens to the data that we submit? Who will have access to it?
Employer Account Instructions
Connect2Careers wants your organization to be matched to the best candidates. We recommend all employers review the Connect2Careers Employer Account Instructions which covers:
  • Support
  • Account Invitation
  • Login Page
  • Organizational Profile
  • Manage Your Organization’s Team Members
  • Manage Job Postings
  • Matched Candidates & Applicants
  • Current Placements